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One of the most beneficial aspects of an OWBA membership is the ability to keep informed about, and potentially respond to, municipal initiatives that affect business in our ward. We are aligned with municipal and other levels of government who recognize us as a strong, credible voice for rural Ottawa. We work with government officials to get results for our members.

Here is a collection of past issues, barriers, concerns or developments brought to OWBA’s attention and that we have seen to a successful resolution.  If your business is challenged or concerned with any issue, at any level of government, we invite you to contact us to discuss further.

Shaping the Official Plan

Issue: OWBA businesses wanted a voice in the new Official Plan being updated by the City of Ottawa.

Resolution: OWBA invited City officials to attend several OWBA events and finally a round-table discussion event where OWBA sought input from our member businesses and community members.  The ideas and inputs are captured here: OWBA Round Table Input to City of Ottawa New Official Plan

Responses and resulting actions from our efforts are being followed by OWBA members.

Hard Rock Ottawa

Issue: OWBA businesses wanted to have a general understanding of how the Rideau Carleton Raceway will be transforming to Hard Rock Ottawa.Hard Rock will be a big employer in the area and also attract consumers that may not otherwise do business in our ward.

Resolution: OWBA attended all public consultations with the City and Hard Rock Ottawa, and coordinated a shuttle bus to the final consultation at the RA Centre to show support of the development of this new Osgoode Ward business.

Hydro One Rates

Issue: Businesses in Osgoode Ward 20 of Ottawa are voicing their concerns about the high costs of electricity. The majority of this Ward
is serviced by Hydro One and are paying up to 30% more than other customers in the city who are serviced by Hydro Ottawa.

Resolution (onging): OWBA sent a letter to Premier Wynne and the Minister of Energy to ask for answers and action about the soaring hydro rates in our Ward. Councillor Darouze submitted the petition, that more than 8,500 ward residents and business owners signed, to the Legislative Assembly in October. We have not had a reprieve. We will continue to advocate on your behalf for fairer rates.

Wide Truck Loads on Bridges

Issue: The Manotick Village and Community Association (MVCA) contacted OWBA regarding the problem of trucks with wide loads endangering pedestrians while crossing the bridge on Bridge Street.

Resolution: OWBA President Gino Milito and Secretary Gerrie Kautz met with the president of the MVCA and discussed the problem, including the fact that the new Vimy Bridge would be a better truck route. However roads leading to the bridge have trucking restrictions. Gino subsequently contacted the CEO of the trucking company at issue and informed them of the MVCA’s complaint, explaining that OWBA was working to help them before the issue escalates. The company agreed to reroute the trucks.

More Issues Soon

Stay tuned as we update this page with more issues and their resolutions.