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Cooper Physiotherapy
Cheryl Cooper
Sports Injuries • Massage • Orthotics • Acupuncture

Cooper Physiotherapy Services

Sports injuries, low back pain, neck pain, rotator cuff tendonitis, osteoarthritis, total knee and hip rehab, whiplash, tmj, vertigo, ACL rehab, tennis elbow, work related injuries, blocked milk ducts, gardening injuries

Acupuncture / Dryneedling
Two certified physiotherapists can provide accupuncture/dryneedling

Massage Therapy
Therapeutic, relaxation, gift certificates, lymphatic drainage, postpartum, stress release

Custom Orthotics
Plaster cast molds are taken by the physiotherapist and sent to Ottawa Orthotic Lab for fabrication

Sports Braces
Sports Braces for tennis elbow, knee O/A, tendonitis ; Custom braces can be arranged through PG Ortho or Kinemedics

Specialty Shoes
Birkenstock & Yaktrax Distributor


3198 Logan Farm Dr.
Osgoode, ON
K0A 2W0
GlowSport Fitness & Events center
Jessica Goodhue
Fitness classes, Glow in the dark Fitness classes, Personal Training, Glow in the dark sports, Parties and entertainment.
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