Comres Pavingstone
Rob McCullough
ComRes Pavingstone was established in Ottawa in 2002.  Owner/Operator Rob McCullough has over 28 years of experience in the interlock industry.  Our commitment to satisfaction has proven to be an invaluable service that our clients can depend on.  Providing exceptional quality to all my commercial and residential clients.

We Specialize In Interlock Installation

ComRes Pavingstone, now located in the Greely Industrial Park, was established in Ottawa in 2002 by Owner/Operator Rob McCullough.  I have over 28 years of experience in the interlock industry.  Our commitment to satisfaction has proven to be an invaluable services that your clients can depend on.  Providing exceptional quality to all my commercial and residential clients.

ComRes Pavingstone has full liability insurance and works under WSIB clearance.  ComRes Pavingstone is also an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.

Our success is the result of our commitment to these basic principles:

Quality Workmanship:
Experienced staff using top quality building materials above the highest standards.

Customer Service:
We will do whatever it takes to guarantee that you are satisfied with every aspect of your ComRes Pavingstone experience.

Creative Designs:
Combining our clients needs and tastes with our experience and vision.

An organized project, a clean job site, and experienced staff ensure a safe undertaking.

Respect for the Environment:
We are committed to acting in an environmentally responsible manner, and we promote sound environmental practices to our clients and peers alike.

ComRes Pavingstone has the skills and experience required to ensure that we keep our commitment to quality workmanship, customer service, creative designers and safety all in an environmentally responsible manner.

Give us a call to arrange for a free estimate / consultation, and let us show you how the pro’s do it.

6812 McKeown Dr., Greely
Gerry Crepin Cartage

Established in 1970, Gerry Crepin Cartage is a family owned and operated business primarily operating in the heavy construction and transportation industries. With over forty years in the industry, we have obtained a great amount of experience in a broad range of services. We have the knowledge and expertise to complete almost any project. Our constant goal is to provide quality work on time and on budget while being guided by safety. We pride ourselves on the reputation we have earned for providing this quality workmanship with thanks to our experienced staff.

Transportation – Ontario & Quebec
Heavy Equipment Rentals
Site Development
Demolition | Excavation
Custom Crushing
Screening of Soils and Aggregate
Snow Removal – Commercial & Municipal


Triaxle Dump Trucks
Flat Bed Trailers
Bull Dozers
Snow Removal Hardware

613-822-3244 (Phone)
5564 Power Road
Gloucester, ON
K1G 3N4
Graphic Tree
Treena Wilson
Design • Signs • Print • Custom Apparel

Sharing 15 years of experience to help you advertise your business economically and effectively.

• logo design
• custom garments
• business cards
• brochures
• banners
• signs of all kinds
• displays
• vehicle decals
• mobile service

Greely, ON

Greely Sand & Gravel
Bent Pyper
“Everything You Need,
When You Need It!”

Celebrating over 35 years, Greely Sand & Gravel is a family owned and operated company that really cares about its customers and their needs. GS&G is proud to be the very best supplier of landscape and construction products in the Ottawa and Eastern-Ontario region.

Since founding Greely Sand and Gravel in 1982, we have been building the stellar reputation of our company, servicing clients and customers and giving back to the community every day!

Read more about our entrepreneurial family history
Read about our varied community involvement
Read about our awards and our membership in industry associations
Check out our video library on YouTube

K4P 1N6
GWEM Systems Ltd.
GWEM Systems Limited
1717 Lakeshore Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K4P 1H1
ImEx Continental Inc.
Ali Abdallah

As a reputable import export trading company and domestic and foreign economics goods supplier, ImEx Continental has committed itself to providing the industry worldwide with Premium Quality Goods. We have been successful in establishing long-term business and personal relationships with companies and individuals that share and practice the mutual belief of business morals and ethics. These relationships allow us to sit among leaders in the import export industry.

Imex Continental services its customers’ needs with specialized commodities with the highest rank of quality and affordability. Our expertise in these specialized commodities is derived from having worldwide connections with an extensive network of producers and suppliers who share our belief in long-standing relationships and trust. Our food products are certified by world recognized and accredited certification agencies at the point of origin and destination.




4791 Hawthorne Rd., Ottawa ON
K1G 3N4
My Mobile Apps
Mobilize your Small Business

MyMobileApps helps small business design their own elegant looking loyalty mobile apps that engage and retain custom using uber cool mobile features


We create effective, cost-efficient mobile apps for small business that provide convenience and savings for the customer and ROI for the merchant.


Small Business apps – working with a small independant merchants to create a business app that engage customers and look great.

Community apps – working with many individuals to promote a community using a single mobile app.

1897 River Road, Manotick, Ontario
Tracey D’Aviero
Virtual Assistant

Business Coaches, Small Business Owners and Solopreneurs:

Are you trying to manage all of the pieces of your small business by yourself?
Do you think you can’t afford to get support in your business?
Are you too busy working with clients to actually market your own business?
Do you want to get support, but don’t even know where to look?
Can you remember the last time you took a day off (not to mention a vacation?)

Stop pushing yourself to the bottom of the list!

Let’s talk about getting you some support.

Direct Bore
Nick Medeiros

Direct Bore has been in business for 10 years and provides full cycle service starting with upfront planning, engineering, and collaboration with the customer to determine the exact nature of the work that’s required.

The commitment to customer service continues throughout the life of the job. Direct Bore’s customer support is complemented by a strong and experienced management team with a combined 100-plus years of experience in construction and drilling operations as well as skills in real-time Measurement While Drilling. Our field crews are Horizontal Directional Drilling professionals and are provided with well-trained field support.

6834 Hiram Dr., Greely, ON
Falsetto Fine Foods

As a Canadian Family- owned and operated food distributor, we aim to personalize customer’s needs, customer service and strengthen our relationship with each customer. We provide nationally branded products while offering personalized service. Let us know your needs and our team will take care of the rest.

5649 Power Rd.
K1G 3N4