OWBA provides the following benefits to you and your business:


  • OWBA Membership BenefitsOWBA provides the following benefits to you and your business:
    1. A united Osgoode Ward business voice to all levels of government;
    2. Assistance in addressing city issues that effect your own business;
    3. Information to help you grow your business;
    4. Preferential promotion on Social Media;
    5. Premium Listing on OWBA business directory;
    6. Information from Ottawa city staff on items of interest to members;
    7. The City of Ottawa treats OWBA like a BIA, so by joining OWBA a company gets all the benefits of being in a BIA without having to pay the taxes associated with a BIA.
    8. The opportunity to network and promote your business; and
    9. Much more.


    Future OWBA Objectives


    As OWBA evolves we plan to continuously add to the membership benefits.  Some of the future objectives are:

    1. Provide information to members via newsletters;
    2. Provide information on Ottawa city bidding opportunities;
    3. Promote Osgoode Ward businesses through trade shows, gala dinners and other events;
    4. Provide seminars and workshops on professional growth, mentoring, coaching and other relevant items.
    5. Provide member savings through programs such as fuel discount cards, health insurance plans and discount pricing of other members products;
    6. Provide shared office facilities to small businesses in a growth mode;
    7. And other objectives suggested by the membership.Click Here to Become a Member